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DHS '62 Veterans... Proudly We Served

If you were a military veteran from the DHS Class of 1962
please send your information to the webmaster.
Badinger Gerald Badinger
Entered the Marine Corps in July 1962. Overseas assignment included GITMO, Puerto Rico, and the major Amphibious Warfare exercise with Spanish Marines, Steel Pike I. In 1966 I was selected by the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP) and transferred to the US Naval Academy Preparatory School. Was accepted and assigned to Miami University of Ohio majoring in System Analysis. Attended OCS in 1969 and graduated with a BS in System Analysis in 1970. Transferred to a Joint Service assignment with the National Military Command System Support Center (NMCSSC), DCA at the Pentagon. Transferred to Okinawa where I served as the System Programming Officer, then to the Department of Defense Computer Institute as an Instructor and Head of the System Management Department. I was selected for a Special Pilot Program which integrated Data Processing Officers with Communication Officers and attended the Communications Officer School Quantico. Then went to Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Systems Command as a Program Officer and Assistant Operations Officer. Retired at the rank of Major USMC in Oct 1982
boland Daniel Boland
Served in the US Army from 1966 to 1968
US Army
briggs John William Briggs
Served in the US Navy.
US Navy
christian William Christian
Bill Christian served from September 1962 until September 1966 as a Corporal in the US Marine Corps. He was an 81mm Mortarman and an 0431 Embarkation NCO. Bill's overseas assignments included GITMO, Puerto Rico, and the major Amphibious Warfare exercise with Spanish Marines, Steel Pike I, as well as, a permanent assignment in Subic Bay Philippines.
US Marine Corps
courtney Leo Courtney
I served in the Army Reserves with the Maryland National Guard from 1970-1976. I was with the 136th Medical Evacuation Unit and retired with the rank of Major.Replica Handbags
MD National Guard
darchicourt Joseph Darchicourt
Served in the US Navy. Retired after over 28 years in the Naval Reserve as a Hospital Corps Chief.
US Navy
dattoli Anthony Dominick Dattoli
After attending Dundalk High School, Anthony spent six years in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.
US Army
duchateau Richard DuChateau
I was in the US Navy continuously 1968-1997 including active duty and reserves. In 1969 I went to Pensacola for Aviation Officers Candidate School and 13 weeks of flight training. Then I went to intelligence school for 6 months in Denver and immediately to the fleet. I served as the Operational Aviation Intelligence Officer in an A-6 Intruder squadron on the USS Saratoga for several short cruises and two long cruises deployed to the North Atlantic and Mediterranean. In 1972 I was released into the Naval Reserve program where I did weekend drills and short tours of active duty for the next 25 years. I got promoted to Captain in 1990 and served as XO and Team Chief in the DIA Alert Center and then as Commanding Officer of an 80-person reserve unit in the Office of Naval Intelligence. I love the Navy and my memories of service.
US Navy
ewing John Ewing
John Spencer Ewing "Jack" served in the Navy and was deployed to Australia probably 1962-1964.
-- Lewana Sentz
US Navy
falkenhan Jerry Falkenhan
Served in the US Navy. Flew off the aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge in an AD5W "Skyraider" as a Naval Air Crewman during the Gulf of Tonkin crisis.
US Navy
fullwood Rubin Fullwood
I also know that Rubin Fullwood served in the Army. I ran into him after he returned from overseas duty at the base where I was stationed in Texas. This was probably in late 1964 or early 1965. I think he was in the Army Security Agency also but can't recall for sure. -- John Musick

US Army

Roland Gorschboth
Roland died serving his country in Vietnam. The following information was obtained from the Vietnam Memorial website: Roland was a Private First Class in the Army's 5th Mechanized Infantry Division when he was sent to Vietnam on July 24, 1968. He died in combat on September 11, 1968 in Quang Tri, the northernmost province in South Vietnam, from "multiple fragmentation wounds". His body was recovered and returned to the United States. His name is engraved in the Vietnam Memorial in Washington in Panel 44W, line 24. Thank you, our friend, for serving all of us.

US Army
grabarek Ron Grabarek
Served in the US Army from 1966 to 1972 as Sargent and Logistics Communication Section Chief in a Petroleum Supply Unit.
US Army
higgs Ed Higgs
My military history was unusual for sure. After being drafted for the third time, I decided to enlist in the US Army in September 1966 to attend electronics school for six months at Ft. Monmouth N.J. After finishing school, my original orders had me going to Bolivia. (Che Guevara hunting?) but they were x'ed out and I was sent to Ankara Turkey, as an electronics repairman in the Signal Corps. After being in Turkey for 4 1/2 months and fortunately being promoted to E-5 after only 16 months in the service, I was reassigned to Teheran Iran. This allowed me to have Linda sent over there with me. We lived in a rented house in downtown Teheran for the final 20 months of my Army enlistment. Lots of unusual stories and happenings while living there with very minimal military discipline. After departing Iran, we stopped in Rome and traveled by rail around Europe for several weeks. An eventful, enjoyable and lucky three years of service time.
US Army
holcombe Lanny Holcombe
Lanny and I joined the Army at the same time following high school. We were together for Basic Training at Fort Dix, New Jersey and again for schooling at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. He was assigned to serve in Japan and I was assigned to Turkey. We never saw each other again, but I know he became a Maryland State Trooper following his stint in the army. I submitted an article to the Dundalk High School website on behalf of Lanny following his passing. --provided by Ted Rasmussen
US Army
karatonis Jim Karatonis
Medic and Psych Tech of higher rank than John Schroeder. He may dispute that.
US Navy
loane Charles Loane
Served in the Maryland National Guard from 1965-1971
Maryland National Guard
macneal Russell W. Macneal
Chief Petty Officer USNR (Ret) My rate was Storekeeper. Active duty 9/65 - 9/68. Served aboard USS Forrestal CVA59 during Vietnam. You probably remember the fire in July 67. Had broken service and returned to reserves 1978-1997. Was activated for 6 mos. During Desert Storm in 1991. I was wearing my uniform on Veterans Day in a Hardies with friends 2019. Same I was wearing when I retired.
US Navy
malagrin John Malagrin
Served in the US Air Force for 4 years.
US Air Force
mayberry Sandi Mayberry
Sandy enlisted in the US Army in 1962 after graduation from high school.
US Army
mccarthy James McCarthy
I served in U.S Army from August 1963 until August 1967 as a Communications Analyst in Military Intelligence. I reached the rank of E-5. Most of my duty was in the great state of Texas. I deployed to Vietnam in July 1965 and was assigned to the 1st Brigade 101st Airborne Division. In 11 months, I was in 17 different locations. Copying enemy communications was quite difficult. I survived several firefights, and made it back in July 1966. I was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge and our unit received several special unit citations.
US Army
mcgee Donald Richard McGee
Don served in the U.S.Army from 1962 to 1966.
US Army
musick John Musick
I was a Specialist 4th Class in the US Army from July 30, 1962 until July 29, 1965 serving as a Traffic Analyst in Army Security Agency (ASA) where I did analysis of foreign military communication networks.
US Army
myrick Thomas Myrick
  • USMC, 1962 to 1966, Cpl E4, Aviation Jet Mechanic, Ground Support Equipment Mechanic, Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, N.C.
  • USAFR, Feb 1986 to Jan. 2005 TSgt, Security Forces, Combat Arms Instructor, Andrews AFB, MD.
  • US Marine Corps
    newkirk Tom Newkirk
    I was in the US Army from March 1965 to March 1968, serving as a Personnel Specialist E-5.
    US Army
    rasmussen Ted Rasmussen
    United States Army, July 13, 1962 - July 12, 1965 Army Security Agency branch of Army Intelligence; MOS: 058, Morse Intercept Specialist 4th class (E-4) Following 23 weeks of schooling at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, I served at Manzarali Station, a Cold War listening post located about 23 miles west of Ankara, Turkey. I intercepted intelligence from the USSR, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. I attained a top secret crypto clearance at that time. Following 18 months in Turkey, I was stationed at Homestead Air Force Base, below Miami, Florida, where the mission was to intercept intelligence from Cuba.
    US Army
    robinson Gerry Robinson
    Served during 1964-1965 in the 529 Military Police, US Army European Command Honor Guard in Heidelberg, Germany.
    US Army
    russell Roy Russell
    Served in the US Navy on Polaris submarines.
    US Navy
    sacra Kenneth Warren Sacra
    Ken served in the US Army, Bravo Company, 23rd Battalion 503, Hanau, Germany.
    US Army
    scelsi Howard Scelsi
    24 years of service between 1966 and 2004 (had break period) , US Army National Guard and US Army Reserve, Finance, MSG E8
    US Army
    schroeder John Schroeder
    I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1966, finished an MBA, and went to work for IBM. In 1967 the height limit to be drafted was 6'6". Since I am 6'7" I was 4-F. A year later the Selective Service changed the height limit to 6'8". I volunteered for the draft, entered the Army on September 11, 1968, and went to Ft Dix, NJ for basic training. While I was in basic training I was also assigned to play on the post basketball team. I completed my training but I was kept on the team until the end of the basketball season. I was then assigned to tank training at Ft Knox KY. I graduated from advanced training and was appointed to Tank Commander School which was 26 weeks long. After 12 or 13 weeks I was told that I did not have enough time left in the Army to finish tank school and deploy to Vietnam. So they made me a supply clerk. I was promoted to sergeant before my two year tour was over.
    US Army
    sentz Francis Sentz
    Francis Sentz served in the Army 1966-1967 in Vietnam. He served in communications and was honorably discharged an E4.
    US Army
    shearer Danny Shearer
    Danny Shearer enlisted in the US Marine Corps right after high school. We recall that he was at Camp Lejeune NC working for the base newspaper.
    US Marine Corps
    sizer Richard Sizer
    Richard Sizer served as 1st Lieutenant Infantry in Vietnam. We were best friends. When he returned in August 1968, I drove to Baltimore from NC to see him. At that time he was three days removed from the jungle. We spent the entire night talking about his experiences . We drank a case of beer. When I left his house on Woodley Road the sun was coming up. That was the last time we ever discussed it. When he passed away June 2004 his kids found a shoe books full of medals. They called me and asked what they were. I believe he earned a Silver Star. --John Schroeder
    US Army
    sladics Robert Sladics
    Served in the US Navy
    US Navy
    slemmer William Slemmer
    Served as a US Army Captain; in the service from 1966-1973.
    US Army
    sterner Gary Sterner
    Gary served in a US Army tank unit from 1967 to 1970. -- Baltimore Sun
    US Army
    sullivan Patrick Sullivan
    Served for three years on the US Army including two years in the Far East.
    US Army
    tranum Thomas Tranum
    Served three years in the US Army.
    US Army
    white Bill White
    Bill White was also in the Air Force. I know that he spent four years and maybe more. I lost track. --Curt Willeford
    US Air Force
    whittington William Whittington
    Bill enlisted in the Marine Corps with me right after high school. We both went to Parris Island and then Bill went to Camp Lejeune, NC. I lost track of him after that. --Tom Myrick
    US Marine Corps
    willeford Curtis Willeford
    I was an Offensive Weapons Control Systems maintenance technician on the F-105 fighter aircraft from 1962 to 1970. During that period I was stationed in North Carolina, Turkey, Thailand, and Kansas. In 1970 I started teaching avionics maintenance training for radar, heads-up display and bombing computers on various fighter aircraft. I finished my 21 year career in the USAF working on the A-10 Warthog aircraft in Fairbanks, Alaska. After retirement I worked 10 years for DOD as Training Manager for maintenance courses.
    US Air Force
    wolfe Calvin Wolfe
    Calvin served in the US Army 101st Airborne Division, 3rd Brigade, 426th Supply and Transportation Battalion, in quartermaster B company from 1962 until 1965. He was trained as an airborne infantryman and as a rigger (preparing equipment, including parachutes for operational use), and he qualified as a machine gunner. He was also trained in airborne delivery and he made over 30 jumps from many types of aircraft including Globemaster, Caribou and C-130 as well as hueys.
    US Army
    womer Frederick Womer
    Served in the US Marine Corps for three years on active duty including 12 months deployed to Vietnam.
    US Marine Corps
    zinn Timothy Zinn
    Served in the US Marine Corps for 4 1/2 years
    US Marine Corps